Business Consulting

領橋地產 Leading Bridge Property

Business Consulting Services

Business Setup

We understand the difficulties and needs faced by commercial clients when setting up their business. Therefore, we provide wide range of business consulting services to our clients for business setup. We integrate our property agency services into the business consulting services which can help our clients to set up their business efficiently and smoothly.。

Scope of Business Setup Consulting Services:

  • Property Search
  • Licence Application
  • Renovation
  • Company Setup
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Telephone and Broadband Services
  • Payment Solutions
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Legal Services Referral
  • Marketing Promotion
  • Advice on new business setup

Industry Covered:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Beauty
  • Education
  • Retailing
  • Professional Services
  • Share Property (Business Centre/Share Office/Share Apartment)

Property Investment and Management

We can assist our client to search for investment property based on their requirements and budget. We also provide wide range of property consulting services to our clients which can help their property value grow steadily.

Scope of Property Investment and Management Consulting Services:

  • Property Search
  • Advice on Property Usage
  • Rental Management
  • Renovation
  • Mortgage and Loan
  • Operation Management
  • Share Property Setup (Business Centre/Share Office/Share Apartment)

We are also a property specialist in the expatriate market. The main challenge that expatriates face in setting up business in Hong Kong is communication. Most of the real estate companies in Hong Kong focus their sales on local clients rather than expatriates, so they may not understand the needs of expatriates due to cultural differences or language barriers.

And that’s where Leading Bridge Property comes in. We understand the needs of expats seeking to setup business in Hong Kong and the challenges this can involve. We empathize with these challenges and we can provide solutions to them with our strong properties database and inside knowledge of the local real estate industry.